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  1. Liveblog: All the news from Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote

    Get your updates about iOS, macOS, and more right here.

  2. Some Google Pixel Watches are falling apart [Update]

    Several users report the back of the Pixel Watch just falls off after a short time.

  3. Google Wallet for Android now supports digital IDs

    The state-by-state rollout is still a huge mess, but Android is ready, at least.

  4. Hobbyist grinds down original chips by hand to make a Game Boy-sized NES

    "This is not emulation, it is not a Pi, it is not a NOAC, and it is not an FPGA."

  5. MS Paint app’s Windows 11 renaissance continues with dark mode, other updates

    Paint app also picks up more granular zoom controls, new Settings page.

  6. CEO: Raspberry Pi stock to hit 1M units monthly, starting in July

    Sony's helping by stockpiling Pi's non-silicon parts.

  7. Oppo Find N2 review: Beautiful hardware that Android just can’t deal with

    Square-screened Android devices don't play well with the app ecosystem.

  8. Motorola makes its 4th-gen foldable, the Moto Razr+, official

    And a second low-end model promises to be the cheapest foldable on the market.

  9. Google Assistant kills off support for third-party note apps

    The Google Assistant continues to circle the drain, with yet another feature loss.

  10. Meta beats Apple to the mixed-reality punch with $499 Quest 3 coming this fall

    Quest 2's starting price is also going back down to $299.

  11. Apple reportedly prepping a pair of high-end Mac desktops ahead of WWDC

    A new Mac Studio is more likely than the long-awaited Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

  12. Millions of PC motherboards were sold with a firmware backdoor

    Hidden code in many Gigabyte motherboards invisibly and insecurely downloads programs.

  1. 6 monitor and TV innovations remind us that trade shows still exist

    Provocative tech with real potential to impact future display products.

  2. Reddit’s API pricing results in shocking $20 million-a-year bill for Apollo

    Apollo developer says pricing isn't "remotely reasonable."

  3. Report: The Pixel Watch 2 dumps Samsung Exynos SoCs for Qualcomm

    Anything would be an upgrade over the 4-year-old Exynos in the Pixel Watch.

  4. The original Chromecast hits end of life after a decade of service

    Google's most successful hardware product ever is no longer supported.

  5. A Snap-based, containerized Ubuntu desktop could be offered in 2024

    Ubuntu could join Fedora in offering an immutable desktop option.

  6. What to expect at WWDC 2023: Reality Pro, iOS 17, and new MacBooks

    Apple is set to announce its first new major platform in years.

  7. Arm announces the Cortex X4 for 2024, plus a 14-core M2-fighter

    Will anyone build Arm's 14-core mega chip? Will Arm have to do it itself?

  8. Microsoft Surface Pro X webcams quit working last week—flawed workaround issued

    Microsoft working with OEMs on permanent driver fix for Windows-on-Arm devices.

  9. Is cybersecurity an unsolvable problem?

    Ars chats with law philosopher Scott Shapiro about his new book, Fancy Bear Goes Phishing.

  10. HP printers should have EPEAT ecolabels revoked, trade group demands

    Complaint to EPEAT organizers spells out why Dynamic Security, HP+ suck.

  11. Green hills forever: Windows XP activation algorithm cracked after 21 years

    Please, please, please do not actually install XP and use it. But if you must…

  12. YouTube Stories, Google’s clone of Snapchat, is dying on June 26

    Google's clone of TikTok is a decent replacement for its clone of Snapchat.

  1. Google Search starts rolling out ChatGPT-style generative AI results

    If you opt-in to generative AI, big, colorful boxes will appear in search.

  2. Minnesota enacts right-to-repair law that covers more devices than any other state

    Just one state demanding free repair manuals could benefit all fixers.

  3. Amazon creeps into the premium tablet market with the Fire Max 11

    It's $230 for the tablet and $330—the price of an iPad—for the "productivity" bundle.

  4. Cancel your WinRAR trial: Windows will soon support RAR, gz, 7z, and other archives

    Windows picked up built-in support for .zip files back in 2000.

  5. AMD Radeon RX 7600 review: Another water-treading midrange GPU for $269

    Like the 4060 Ti, it doesn't move midrange performance forward much.

  6. Netflix crackdown on account sharing hits US with $8 fee for each extra user

    "Your Netflix account is for you and the people you live with," email tells users.

  7. The $1,600 Dyson 360 Vis Nav promises to be the world’s most powerful robovac

    Dyson's new robovac has a unique design, both inside and out.

  8. Adobe Photoshop’s new “Generative Fill” AI tool lets you manipulate photos with text

    Firefly-powered AI generations match image perspective, lighting, and style.

  9. Meta has no choice but to sell Giphy at $262M loss to Shutterstock

    With UK forcing a sale and GIFs losing popularity, Meta was bound to take a hit.

  10. Built-in ChatGPT-driven Copilot will transform Windows 11 starting in June

    Copilot is coming alongside another batch of new Windows 11 features this year.

  11. Review: Nvidia’s $399 RTX 4060 Ti is a step forward, but only a small one

    Most games perform better, but the gains are smaller than we're used to.

  12. The best Mac client for Gmail users is now a 1.0 release with nifty new features

    Home/Work profiles, notification schedules, and a lack of inbox advertisements.