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  1. They plugged GPT-4 into Minecraft—and unearthed new potential for AI

    A bot plays the video game by tapping the text generator to pick up new skills.

  2. Hobbyist grinds down original chips by hand to make a Game Boy-sized NES

    "This is not emulation, it is not a Pi, it is not a NOAC, and it is not an FPGA."

  3. Why EA Sports and Nike think gaming NFTs can really work this time

    New partnership could tap into interest from a dedicated sneakerhead market.

  4. Players replace Tears of the Kingdom’s patched-out item-dupe glitches

    Please, Nintendo, just leave them alone this time.

  5. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is coming to PC—and it will be a technical showstopper

    We'll see how lower-spec PCs handle its innovative fast-loading features.

  6. The solid legal theory behind Nintendo’s new emulator takedown effort

    Dolphin's included decryption key is key to Nintendo's DMCA arguments.

  7. Interview: How System Shock balanced faithful recreation and modern design

    Digging into gore, textures, wayfinding, environment, and old-school difficulty.

  8. Activision says UK was “irrational” in blocking Microsoft purchase

    Cloud-gaming market at issue is a "niche" that "is quickly becoming obsolete."

  9. Diablo 4 review: Off to a hell of a good start

    Annoying-but-ignorable microtransactions can't ruin nigh-endless looter fun.

  10. Street Fighter 6 review: Great fun for both casual and dedicated players

    Capcom breathes new life into its classic fighting game franchise.

  11. Why Tears of the Kingdom is worse without item duplication

    Newly fixed "glitch" should become an official "secret code" for sandbox tinkerers.

  12. Tetris on a chicken nugget is the game as it was meant to be played

    Latest McDonald's China promotion is probably the weirdest official Tetris ever.

  1. Alan Wake 2 and the death of disc-based video games

    Big-budget digital-only release could be a preview of console gaming's future.

  2. Sony confirms “PlayStation Q,” a handheld device for streaming PS5 games

    The company also announced Bluetooth earbuds that work with PC, mobile, and PS5.

  3. Alan Wake 2 coming in mid-October, promising another cryptic PC powerhouse

    Control studio's haunted novelist among the notable PlayStation announcements.

  4. Halo and Destiny developer Bungie reboots classic FPS franchise Marathon

    It's coming to PC and current-gen consoles with cross-play.

  5. Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun is a loud, obnoxious, and damned fun retro shooter

    Move fast, hit hard, and revel in the pixel gore of thousands of dumb enemies.

  6. AMD Radeon RX 7600 review: Another water-treading midrange GPU for $269

    Like the 4060 Ti, it doesn't move midrange performance forward much.

  7. Unexpected 3DS update breaks many common homebrew hacking methods

    Latest "stability" update comes months after the 3DS eShop shut down.

  8. Activision shuts down popular fan servers for legacy Call of Duty games

    Meanwhile, official servers see reports of massive hacking and security issues.

  9. Review: Nvidia’s $399 RTX 4060 Ti is a step forward, but only a small one

    Most games perform better, but the gains are smaller than we're used to.

  10. Judge refuses gamers’ attempts to immediately halt Microsoft/Activision merger

    But Judge Corley says plaintiffs now have a "plausible" case for potential harm.

  11. $270, 2,561-piece Lego Pac-Man arcade cabinet will eat ghosts, disposable income

    Moving parts, light-up coin slot, and more are inspired by the real thing.

  12. Why Garry’s Mod recently decided “nazi glorification” crosses the line

    Creator says being a parent has made his moderation attitudes "less black and white."

  1. Microsoft could start trading ad views for “timed slices of games”

    Exec says they're "experimenting" with models beyond Game Pass subscriptions.

  2. Nvidia introduces $399 RTX 4060 Ti and $299 4060 without introducing a price hike.

    8GB 4060 Ti launches May 24; $499 16GB version and 4060 follow in July.

  3. What to expect from Sony’s May 24 not-E3 livestream

    Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy XVI seem like givens—but what else will we see?

  4. Blizzard is “confident” that Diablo IV’s launch servers can handle the load

    Recent beta tests and "server slam" weekend found many early issues, devs say.

  5. French painters inspire new insights into the physics of soap bubbles

    It's one step closer to better control of bubble size, shape for practical applications.

  6. How hacking your Switch can lead to better Tears of the Kingdom frame rates

    Pushing RAM clock past the limit eliminates memory bottlenecks in crowded scenes.

  7. Cosmic rays reveal hidden ancient burial chamber underneath Naples

    Rectangular chamber was probably the tomb of a wealthy individual or family.

  8. Microsoft’s purchase of Activision gets the OK from the EU

    In break with UK, Europe says Microsoft's promises will remedy cloud-gaming concerns.

  9. The uprising against the Empire begins in first teaser for Foundation S2

    "Rejoice his shame remains unknown that he had almost sat a throne."

  10. Disney+ and Hulu to unite in a single app this year

    Disney plans to spend less on content, charge more for ad-free Disney+.

  11. Rumors and retail listings point to the return of actual mid-range GPUs

    Reports say we'll see RTX 4060 and RX 7600 GPUs before the month is out.

  12. The Asus ROG Ally beats the Steam Deck at all but the most important things

    New contender is a powerful portable PC that’s wantonly Windows.