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  1. YouTube now allows videos that falsely claim Trump won 2020 election

    YouTube says ban spurred by Trump's election lies may "curtail political speech."

  2. The real culprit behind the 1871 vandalism of the Paleozoic Museum in Central Park

    A gripping tale of 19th century science, art, politics, thuggery—even a bit of bigamy.

  3. To keep Starliner flying, Boeing must make some hard choices

    "I think if they look back on it, they wouldn't do it again."

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  1. Audi is entering F1 in 2026—its head of technology tells us why

    Expect F1-derived technology to appear on Audi's next performance plug-in hybrids.

  2. Google Wallet for Android now supports digital IDs

    The state-by-state rollout is still a huge mess, but Android is ready, at least.

  3. Twitter safety chief resigns after Musk criticizes decision to restrict film

    Ella Irwin is second trust and safety chief to quit since Musk bought Twitter.

  4. Hobbyist grinds down original chips by hand to make a Game Boy-sized NES

    "This is not emulation, it is not a Pi, it is not a NOAC, and it is not an FPGA."

  5. Why EA Sports and Nike think gaming NFTs can really work this time

    New partnership could tap into interest from a dedicated sneakerhead market.

  6. Air Force denies running simulation where AI drone “killed” its operator

    "We've never run that experiment," says original source, who "misspoke."

  7. Woman with untreated TB finally in custody—held in “negative pressure” room

    She is being held in a jail room specially equipped for isolation and treatment.

  8. No groundwater, no new homes, as Arizona severely restricts new housing

    Cities, developers will have to turn to costly sources to build new homes.

  9. MS Paint app’s Windows 11 renaissance continues with dark mode, other updates

    Paint app also picks up more granular zoom controls, new Settings page.

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  1. CEO: Raspberry Pi stock to hit 1M units monthly, starting in July

    Sony's helping by stockpiling Pi's non-silicon parts.

  2. Rocket Report: SpaceX pushing ahead on Starbase, North Korea launch failure

    “The world is putting objects into space quicker than they are being removed."

  3. 澳洲5历史开奖号码 168澳洲幸运5官网历史 澳洲幸运五开奖结果历史 Dealmaster: Discounts on games, toys, laptops, and more

    Savings on laptops, games, and toys to keep you entertained this summer.

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  1. A bigger battery and three rows of seats for US-market VW ID Buzz

    Everyone's favorite EV minivan goes on sale in North America in 2024.

  2. Boeing finds two serious problems with Starliner just weeks before launch

    "Safety is always our top priority, and that drives this decision."

  3. Motorola makes its 4th-gen foldable, the Moto Razr+, official

    And a second low-end model promises to be the cheapest foldable on the market.

  4. Dangerous brain abscesses spiked in US kids as COVID restrictions dropped

    Cases are on the decline, but still above baseline rates.

  5. NASA panel: No convincing evidence for extraterrestrial life connected with UAPs

    Amid ambiguity and poor data, "We don't know exactly what we're looking for."

  6. Pentagon buying Starlink dishes for Ukraine after funding dispute with SpaceX

    DoD confirms deal months after Musk said he'd "keep funding Ukraine for free."

  1. Google Assistant kills off support for third-party note apps

    The Google Assistant continues to circle the drain, with yet another feature loss.

  2. Meta beats Apple to the mixed-reality punch with $499 Quest 3 coming this fall

    Quest 2's starting price is also going back down to $299.

  3. FTC: Amazon/Ring workers illegally spied on users of home security cameras

    Amazon agrees to Ring and Alexa settlements but didn't admit violating any laws.

  4. “Clickless” iOS exploits infect Kaspersky iPhones with never-before-seen malware

    "Operation Triangulation" stole mic recordings, photos, geolocation, and more.

  5. Asus will offer local ChatGPT-style AI servers for office use

    "AFS Appliance" will avoid the cloud and place an AI language model on premises.

  6. Apple reportedly prepping a pair of high-end Mac desktops ahead of WWDC

    A new Mac Studio is more likely than the long-awaited Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

  7. Players replace Tears of the Kingdom’s patched-out item-dupe glitches

    Please, Nintendo, just leave them alone this time.