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  1. Audi is entering F1 in 2026—its head of technology tells us why

    Expect F1-derived technology to appear on Audi's next performance plug-in hybrids.

  2. A bigger battery and three rows of seats for US-market VW ID Buzz

    Everyone's favorite EV minivan goes on sale in North America in 2024.

  3. Toyota to build electric 3-row SUV in Kentucky, batteries in N. Carolina

    After ignoring EVs for too long, Toyota now spending billions to build them here.

  4. The “death of self-driving cars” has been greatly exaggerated

    GM’s Cruise aims to turn self-driving into a billion-dollar business.

  5. Automatic emergency braking should become mandatory, feds say

    The rule would save 360 lives and prevent 24,000 crashes a year, NHTSA says.

  6. Throw out all those black boxes and say hello to the software-defined car

    We speak to Oliver Hoffmann, Audi's head of technical development.

  7. Dallas airport will demo this cute little mobile EV charging robot

    Instead of making the EVs park by a charger, this charger can come to the EV.

  8. Huge Tesla leak reveals thousands of safety concerns, privacy problems

    A Tesla employee gave more than 100GB of data to Germany's Handelsblatt.

  9. Ford EVs will get access to Tesla’s Supercharger network in 2024

    Current Ford EVs will be able to use more than 12,000 chargers with an adapter.

  10. Blank-screen bug triggers first Vinfast VF8 recall

    Turning the car off and on again brings it back, but there's a software fix.

  11. Volvo targets ultralow carbon footprint for new small EV, the EX30

    The EX30's carbon footprint at 125,000 miles should be 25% less than the XC40's.

  12. BMW plays it safe with design of new electric sedan, the 2024 i5

    It's the most normal-looking BMW we've seen for some time, and that's OK.

  1. Ford reverses plan to ditch AM radio after congressional attention

    Pending legislation would mandate an AM radio in all new cars.

  2. Congress wants AM radio in all new cars—trade groups say that’s a mistake

    Congress wants to force AM into every new car for emergency alerts.

  3. Cadillac will electrify its most excessive SUV, the Escalade

    Swapping a V8 for electric power should prove a big upgrade for this behemoth.

  4. New EV tire for Teslas, Mustang Mach-E promises better durability

    Sizes for 13 more EVs will arrive early in 2024.

  5. It feels like cheating: The Trek Domane+ SLR9 AXS gravel bike, reviewed

    At $12,999, the Trek Domane+ SLR9 gravel e-bike is a dream to ride.

  6. Above the fold: The people behind the Gocycle G4 thought of everything

    A fantastic design means fewer compromises from a bike you can fold up and carry.

  7. Kia and Hyundai agree to $200M settlement for making cars viral theft targets

    2011-2022 model owners may be paid for damages, towing, rentals, other costs.

  8. Lexus’s first EV, the RZ 450e, is pretty mid—glitchy and inefficient

    Toyota's luxury brand must try harder if it wants to sell a million EVs by 2030.

  9. Truckers are caught on the front lines of California’s EV push

    By 2024, trucks bought for use in the state’s ports and rail yards must be zero-emission.

  10. Rimac goes 0–60 in 1.74 seconds while blowing past 22 other EV records

    There's a reason other hypercar companies go to Rimac for electric powertrain tech.

  11. Elon Musk doubles-down on Tesla robotaxis in TV interview

    The Tesla CEO sat down with CNBC following the car company's 2023 annual meeting.

  12. Apple autonomous driving tech secrets stolen by ex-engineer, feds say

    The engineer stole thousands of documents and fled to China, according to DOJ.

  1. Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” sees pedestrian, chooses not to slow down

    Fan is gleeful about video of beta Full Self-Driving mode breaking traffic laws.

  2. Cargo, passengers, even campers—Mercedes-Benz has a new EV van platform

    Coming in 2026, Van.EA will be able to support a wide range of van applications.

  3. Exploding airbag inflators strike again—1 million GM SUVs are recalled

    NHTSA says airbag inflators might be defective, but the supplier disagrees.

  4. Vietnam’s first export EV, Vinfast VF8, makes shaky but promising US debut

    Leases start at $399 a month for this newcomer to the crowded midsized EV market.

  5. Self-driving cars are being put on a data diet

    Autonomous-vehicle developers are getting pickier about what stays on their servers.

  6. Tesla cancels all right-hand drive Model S, Model X orders

    Customers can choose one from inventory or buy a left-hand drive version.

  7. Clever hybrid tech impresses with 40 mpg 2023 Honda CR-V Sport

    The SUV uses Honda's fourth-generation two-motor hybrid system.

  8. Porsche to use Mobileye’s “SuperVision” system in future cars

    The sensor suite includes cameras, radar, and a driver-monitoring system.

  9. Welcome to Normal: The town that holds the keys to Rivian’s future

    Cash-burning EV startup recruits workers in central Illinois pursuing 50,000-delivery goal.

  10. Volkswagen’s troubled software division is getting new leadership. Again.

    Bentley's Peter Bosch will move over to run Cariad, according to reports.

  11. Toyota’s 2023 Prius: Lamborghini looks meet fuel-sipping economy

    There's a lot to like about this new hybrid, which starts at $27,450.

  12. Synthetic gasoline promises neutral emissions—but the math doesn’t work

    E-fuels sound like a panacea, but there's not enough spare electricity to make them.