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  1. AI-expanded album cover artworks go viral thanks to Photoshop’s Generative Fill

    Generative Fill uses AI to dream up larger versions of famous artwork.

  2. Reddit’s API pricing results in shocking $20 million-a-year bill for Apollo

    Apollo developer says pricing isn't "remotely reasonable."

  3. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is coming to PC—and it will be a technical showstopper

    We'll see how lower-spec PCs handle its innovative fast-loading features.

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  1. Report: The Pixel Watch 2 dumps Samsung Exynos SoCs for Qualcomm

    Anything would be an upgrade over the 4-year-old Exynos in the Pixel Watch.

  2. Automatic emergency braking should become mandatory, feds say

    The rule would save 360 lives and prevent 24,000 crashes a year, NHTSA says.

  3. The solid legal theory behind Nintendo’s new emulator takedown effort

    Dolphin's included decryption key is key to Nintendo's DMCA arguments.

  4. This is the first X-ray taken of a single atom

    SX-STM enables detection of atom type, simultaneous measurement of its chemical state.

  5. Throw out all those black boxes and say hello to the software-defined car

    We speak to Oliver Hoffmann, Audi's head of technical development.

  6. Federal judge: No AI in my courtroom unless a human verifies its accuracy

    Judge wary of AI "hallucinations," says it isn't acceptable for legal briefing.

  7. Dealmaster: Discounts on Star Trek gear, laptops, and more

    And snag a new laptop from HP, Lenovo, and Apple.

  8. The original Chromecast hits end of life after a decade of service

    Google's most successful hardware product ever is no longer supported.

  9. Twitter value keeps falling under Musk, now worth a third of what he paid

    $15 billion valuation after Fidelity lowers value of its Twitter stake again.

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  1. A Snap-based, containerized Ubuntu desktop could be offered in 2024

    Ubuntu could join Fedora in offering an immutable desktop option.

  2. Interview: How System Shock balanced faithful recreation and modern design

    Digging into gore, textures, wayfinding, environment, and old-school difficulty.

  3. Cyberweapon manufacturers plot to stay on the right side of US

    Contrasting fates of Israeli spyware-makers Paragon and NSO tell the tale.

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  1. Critical Barracuda 0-day was used to backdoor networks for 8 months

    Attackers then went on to steal data from infected systems.

  2. mRNA technology for vaccines and more: An Ars Frontiers recap

    The tech has lots of applications beyond the one we've already been injected with.

  3. Beating the heat: These plant-based iridescent films stay cool in the sun

    Cellulose is sustainable, biocompatible, and ideal for radiative cooling applications.

  4. What to expect at WWDC 2023: Reality Pro, iOS 17, and new MacBooks

    Apple is set to announce its first new major platform in years.

  5. Arm announces the Cortex X4 for 2024, plus a 14-core M2-fighter

    Will anyone build Arm's 14-core mega chip? Will Arm have to do it itself?

  6. It’s prison day for Elizabeth Holmes; 11-year sentence has begun in Texas

    Elizabeth Holmes arrived at the minimum-security prison camp in Bryan, Texas.

  1. Lawyer cited 6 fake cases made up by ChatGPT; judge calls it “unprecedented”

    Judge weighs punishment for lawyer who didn't bother to verify ChatGPT output.

  2. Dallas airport will demo this cute little mobile EV charging robot

    Instead of making the EVs park by a charger, this charger can come to the EV.

  3. Microsoft Surface Pro X webcams quit working last week—flawed workaround issued

    Microsoft working with OEMs on permanent driver fix for Windows-on-Arm devices.

  4. OpenAI execs warn of “risk of extinction” from artificial intelligence in new open letter

    Strategically vague statement on AI risk prompts critics' response.

  5. COVID outbreak at CDC gathering infects 181 disease detectives

    Nearly all of the attendees were vaccinated, but 70% said they didn't mask.

  6. Activision says UK was “irrational” in blocking Microsoft purchase

    Cloud-gaming market at issue is a "niche" that "is quickly becoming obsolete."

  7. Diablo 4 review: Off to a hell of a good start

    Annoying-but-ignorable microtransactions can't ruin nigh-endless looter fun.